Steven Enamakel - Co-Creator of MahaDAO

June 1, 2022


Host: Bogdan Popa


Guest: Steven Enamakel


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Powered & governed by the people, MahaDAO is designed to keep a vibrant community at the helm of all decision making. Using democratic frameworks like governance portals, forums & the power of social discourse, growth is driven by the community and for the community. Contribution to the growth and adoption of the world's first non-depreciating currency $ARTH and MahaDAO ensures rich rewards that will benefit everyone.

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About the guest

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Steven Enamakel

Co-Creator of MahaDAO.


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Hedera’s unique hashgraph technology is primed for industry and HederaStarter is the decentralized innovation engine inside. HederaStarter consists of a tokenized incubator, HDAO, and a community-oriented launchpad, the HPAD. Thanks to its ingenious approach, HederaStarter has what it takes to tokenize and fairly distribute the innovation itself. The DAO-enabled access controls are governed by a council of the Hedera endorsed titans of the tech world, enabling the fusion of distributed ledger and a range of technologies on the very frontier of high-tech revolution.


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