Alex Mascioli - Co-Founder of Trade The Chain

October 13, 2022


Host: Bogdan Popa


Guest: Alex Mascioli


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Alex Mascioli, Co-Founder of Trade The Chain (SENT), is on a mission to help the average investor trade like a pro by providing the same trading signals and data used by professionals. In this new episode of TOKENVERSE you'll learn how is Alex and his team approaching this goal. Do you want real time trading opportunities? Trade like an insider? Act faster on the biggest trades? If you don't wanna miss any opportunities on the market you CAN'T MISS this episode either!

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About the guest

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Alex Mascioli

Crypto Fund & Institutional Digital-Assets Educator, Speaker and Entrepreneur. As the Founder of a digital-assets capital markets firm and producer of an educational platform Alex is a dynamic, knowledgeable and uniquely positioned speaker when it comes to the institutional side of digital-assets including crypto hedge funds, institutional investors and fund marketing/capital raising.


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