Terry Stone (actor and producer) + Jim Wheat (NFT artist) - The FilmCoin

October 10, 2022


Host: Bogdan Popa


Guest: Terry Stone & Jim Wheat


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The FilmCoin is changing the Film Industry, FOREVER. We, on FMFW.io, want to know all about it! In this amazing chat we had with Terry Stone (Actor and producer) and Jim Wheat (NFT artist), we certainly understood what is FilmCoin mission and how they intend to disrupt the Film & TV industry. FilmCoin allows everyone to participate in Film & Television, we bet you don't wanna miss this train, tune in!

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About the guest

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Terry Stone & Jim Wheat

Terry Stone is an actor and producer that has been recently working for a change on the Film & TV industry by adding crypto to the way films and series are funded. Crypto meets film, NFTs meet the audience, day to day people get to engage with their favourite films, actors, stars, directors... Jim Wheat wears the creative hat. His help is crucial to achieve The FilmCoin's mission! Tune into this fantastic episode, it really is fun!


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The FilmCoin is changing the Film & TV Industry , FOREVER! One of its main goals is to be the Motion Picture Digital Currency of Choice.


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