Danish Chaudhry - CEO of FMFW.io

February 15, 2023


Host: Bogdan Popa


Guest: Danish Chaudhry


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Kicking off a brand new season of TOKENVERSE šŸ”„ And who better to help us start 2023 than our CEO, Danish Chaudhry? Danish had a chat with us about his background in the industry while sharing his insights for the year to come. Tune in to our conversation and get yourself ready for everything the crypto year 2023 has in storage!

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About the guest

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Danish Chaudhry

Danish Chaudhry is an Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Advisor and CEO of FMFW.io, a major cryptocurrency exchange. In addition, he manages his own venture capital fund and is a mentor with deep knowledge and extensive experience in financial services and blockchain.


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About Company

FMFW.io is a crypto exchange on its fourth year run. Starting out this journey as the Bitcoin.com Exchange, FMFW.io rebranded to bring more crypto fan favorite products under their own brand into the market. Our platform offers rewarding staking with up to 63% APR and no lock-ups, 500+ spot trading pairs and a mobile app that keeps you connected to your crypto on the go.


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