Steve van Zutphen & Kevin Campbell - TheFutbolCoin

June 28, 2022


Host: Bogdan Popa


Guest: Kevin Campbell


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Powering The Football Economy, TheFutbolApp Platform is a multi-chain Web3 platform with multiple existing applications and services built to power next generation digital interaction between fans, clubs, players, NFTs, tickets and fan DAO decision making. What Is $TFC? TheFutbolCoin (TFC) is the native token of TFA Platform. TFC is needed to interact with many of the platform's useful features and functionalities. TFC is bridged across from Stellar (for fast payments and fiat gateways) to Polygon (for NFTs, staking, DAO voting and other smart contract enabled TFA Platform Dapps).

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About the guest

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Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell - Arsenal FC legend Steve van Zutphen - Founder of TheFutbolCoin


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Hedera’s unique hashgraph technology is primed for industry and HederaStarter is the decentralized innovation engine inside. HederaStarter consists of a tokenized incubator, HDAO, and a community-oriented launchpad, the HPAD. Thanks to its ingenious approach, HederaStarter has what it takes to tokenize and fairly distribute the innovation itself. The DAO-enabled access controls are governed by a council of the Hedera endorsed titans of the tech world, enabling the fusion of distributed ledger and a range of technologies on the very frontier of high-tech revolution.


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